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DPMS LR308 Format Complete Uppers

Scott Medesha of Mesa, Arizona is offering complete 45 RAPTOR upper receivers.  All uppers are fully test fired and tuned prior to shipping.




45 RAPTOR brass is available directly from Starline

45 RAPTOR Loaded Ammunition

Buffalo Bore Ammunition will be offering factory loaded 45 RAPTOR ammunition.   Their plan is to offer 3-5 loadings and I would anticipate availability before October 1, 2017.   Currently, Buffalo Bore loads a 300-grain Jacketed Flat Nose and a 360-grain lead flat nose in 460 Smith & Wesson Magnum so I would look for those 2 loadings plus more.   Of course, the 45 RAPTOR should only improve on the velocity and energy of the current loadings in 16 plus inch barrel rifle over a revolver.

DRD Tactical Switch Barrel System

While some people want to build multiple uppers, with the cost of quality optics and other components, a switch barrel upper offers considerable advantages especially on the LR308 with caliber options ranging from 243 Winchester, 257 Souper, 260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua and 7mm-08 to 308 Winchester, 338 Federal and the 45 RAPTOR.  Think about it… One Rifle with a 308 Winchester barrel for general use and quick change to a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel for long range and to a 45 RAPTOR barrel for BIG BORE impact.


If you want a true multi-caliber system, check out DRD Tactical’s SRU762 quick change system that lets you swap barrels in 2 minutes.  Each barrel is kept with its own gas block & tube, barrel nut and muzzle device so you can see how cost effective it is compared to building complete uppers having to purchase a separate upper receiver, optics, hand guard and any accessories you have mounted to the hand guard.   Mounts to a DPMS LR308 lower or you can get a complete rifle kit. or call 678-398-9059


TK CUSTOM, located in East / Central Illinois, has announced that they will modify SMITH & WESSON X-FRAME 460 S&W MAGNUM revolvers to shoot 45 RAPTOR ammunition.   You only need to send them the cylinder and they will modify it and provide 10 moon clips for $200 including shipping back to you.     Turnaround time would be 2 weeks or less.

In speaking the TK Custom, the modified 460 SW X-Fram will shoot any 45 ACP based rimless cartridge including the 45 ACP, 45 WIN MAG, 45 SUPER, 460 ROWLAND,  45 DETONICS and 45 RAPTOR.   In addition, it will still retain the ability to shoot rimmed cartridges like the 45 Long COLT, 454 Casull and 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM. 

In addition to having a semi-auto hunting rifle in 45 RAPTOR, now you can have a sidearm that not only shoots identical ammunition, but is expanded in capability to shoot a total of nine (9) different cartridges. or call 217-643-2002

Seeking a suppressor  for the 45 RAPTOR?   Bowers Group offers both the VERS 50 and VERS 458 models, both of which can be ordered with stainless steel baffles to handle supersonic loadings up to 2600 fps.  Actual testing has shown the suppressors are highly effective in reducing muzzle blast and recoil.   All VERS Suppressor models use interchangeable threaded inserts to support multiple thread sizes.   Be sure to order 3/4-24 for your 45 RAPTOR.   If you are pursuing subsonic loading,  check out Vihtavouri Tin Star which is a bulky clean burning powder. or call 503-992-8697
If you are barrel maker or gunsmith who would like to make 45 RAPTOR barrels, please contact Sarah Siewell at JGS Precision Tools at 541-267-4331.  If you plan to make AR10 or LR308 barrels, you will need to contact BAT Machine to order the proper barrel extension.  BAT Machine can be reached at (208) 687-0341.
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