The 45 RAPTOR was designed to minimize the use of non-standard rifle components and as a result, the 45 RAPTOR only requires a new barrel with a special barrel extension and modified magazines.

The remainder of the rifle is all standard AR-10A / LR308 rifle components as used on 308 WINCHESTER rifles.    To be clear, the 45 RAPTOR uses standard, readily available AR-10A / LR308 upper receivers, bolts, bolt carriers, buffers, buffer springs, stocks, gas blocks, barrel nuts, hand guards and lower receivers without modification.

45 RAPTOR 16-Inch Barrel

45 RAPTOR Test Barrels

45 RAPTOR Muzzle Brake

Magazine Modification –

The process to make 45 RAPTOR magazines is to take standard Pro-Mag, DPMS or Lancer L7 magazines, disassemble, shorten the follower; place an insert in the forward portion of the magazine and modify the feed lips.   The insert prevents the ammunition stack from racking forward under recoil and becomes a part of the feed ramp to guide the bullets into the chamber.

Due to the machined magazine insert, which acts a block to prevent rounds from racking forward under recoil and allows feeding of hollow-point bullets, magazines with a curve in their design are not suitable for modification.