The 45 RAPTOR is the big bore straight wall cartridge for the AR-10 and LR308 series of rifles that meets the needs of sportsmen and hunters in states that restrict rifle hunting to straight wall cartridges like Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and Delaware.  Celebrating over 5 years in production with over 2,000 barrels produced and hundreds of thousands of rounds of native brass and ammo delivered, the 45 RAPTOR has a proven user base and history.   Best of all, the 45 RAPTOR is completely non-proprietary and is not restricted to one company or supplier.  

The 45 RAPTOR expands the 308 WINCHESTER family of cartridges that has seen production of almost every caliber from .243 to .358.  In the design and development process, rather than create an entirely new set of cartridge dimensions, it became apparent that matching the case length and body dimensions of the 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM would provide significant benefits to the consumer.   In that respect, the 45 RAPTOR can be viewed not only as a new member of the 308 WINCHESTER family, but as an evolution of the 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM from a revolver cartridge to a rifle cartridge by modifying the existing rimmed cartridge case into a rimless cartridge matching the rim and extractor specifications of the 308 WINCHESTER.

As a result of these decisions, instead of waiting months or years for supporting products and information to come out, the 45 RAPTOR uses:

  1. 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM load data that has been pressure tested, validated and published by Hodgdon, Accurate Arms, Western Powder and other companies that list maximum chamber pressures keeping within a limit of 62,000 PSI – the SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure of the 308 Winchester which the larger AR series of rifles is engineered for.
  1. 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM reloading die sets with the only exception being the use of a 308 WINCHESTER shell holder.   Currently, Hornady, RCBS, Redding, Lee and Lyman offer 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM reloading die sets as standard products.
  1. 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM bullets.  Hornady, Speer, Sierra, Barnes, Nosler and Swift all make bullets suitable for the 45 RAPTOR
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