The BIG Bore for 308 AR Rifles

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The 45 RAPTOR has been growing and many sportsmen have been busy building their rifles and spending time on the hunt especially in states like Michigan and Indiana where laws have been changed to allow 35 caliber and larger cartridges for hunting.     To submit your photo, email them to

Here is a first time hand loader from Central Texas showing their results during the week of October 16, 2016.  The Hornady 225 FTX with IMR 4227:  2500 fps verified with a LAB RADAR chronograph yields 3,122 foot pounds of muzzle energy with 1,062 ft pounds at 200 yards:

45 RAPTOR 100 Yard Accuracy

Here is the rifle used to produce the above group:


A 45 RAPTOR owner in Michigan showing his first deer of the season:










A East Texas Boar that fell to the 45 RAPTOR using the Hornady 240 XTP Mag:

Test Pig








300 Grain XTP MAG Bench Shooting Video