The BIG Bore for 308 AR Rifles



New Manufacture Brass with “RSS 45 RAPTOR” Head-stamp Ready to Ship

250 Pieces including USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day Shipping : $217.00 total

Available for order by emailing:

Please include in your your email full name, address and phone number in your email so we may call you for payment information.

Texas residents will be charged 8.25% sales tax


45 RAPTOR Barrels

45 Raptor 16.1 inch and 18 inch LR308 Barrels directly Satern Custom Machine.  In addition, Satern offers Savage and Remington bolt action barrels.

Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake (3/4-24 Thread)

$79 available from Medesha Firearms ( 480-986-5876


5 and 10 Round Magazines

$50 available from Medesha Firearms ( 480-986-5876


Reloading Dies

Check out or for 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM die sets from your favorite manufacturer.  Be sure to get a .308 WINCHESTER shell holder and a taper crimp die.

45 RAPTOR Reamers and Gauges

If you are barrel maker or gunsmith who would like to make 45 RAPTOR barrels, please contact Sarah Siewell at JGS Precision Tools at 541-267-4331

If you plan to make AR10 or LR308 barrels, you will need to contact BAT Machine to order the proper barrel extension.   There are minimum production quantities and those are determined by BAT Machine   BAT Machine can be reached at (208) 687-0341.

45 RAPTOR Loaded Ammunition

Buffalo Bore Ammunition will be offering factory loaded 45 RAPTOR ammunition.   Their plan is to offer 3-5 loadings by late 2017.

Underwood Ammo located in southern Illinois has announced they will have 45 RAPTOR loaded ammo by early November 2017.

Underwood Ammo | Premium High Performance Ammunition